Strengthening Your Family

Any parent, teacher, pastor, or mentor can help kids learn and develop strategies that promote healthier relationships, stronger connections, and greater achievement by following the easy tips and suggestions in Dr. Sherri's emails, because she shows you how to use psychology, leadership strategies, and researched methods to develop your child's emotional health and resiliency.

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Parenting Well

Anyone can become a parent, but to do it well takes effort. What characteristics do you want to describe your child when they are an adult? Compassionate, Strong, Creative, Kind, Persistent, Loyal, ....

What you do as a parent now has a huge impact on the kind of person your child becomes. Yes, they have the power to choose right or wrong, but if you haven't laid the foundation for healthy relationships, a standard of integrity, and a heart for others, finding those things on their own will be really hard in their adult life.

Grow as a parent. Be more intentional. Think about and nurture the things that matter. Be the person that your child says influenced them the most in a positive way growing up.

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